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Battering Ram
Straight forward Hard Rock from Sweden.
With a sound and quality that is compared to giants such as Mustasch and Corroded, Battering Ram is a new force to be reckoned with.
Although being a relatively new band the 2020 debut album has already taken the music scene by storm, skyrocketing the bands popularity on Spotify.
With 50.000+ listeners per month and inclusions on five of Spotify’s most impressive hard rock playlists, it’s fair to say that this band is out to a great start!

Follow the unstoppable Battering Ram here:

The band consists of Johan Hallström (vocals), Jonas Edmark (guitar), Tony Trust (drums) and Jocke Ståhl (bass).

SWEDEN ROCK MAGAZINE - “The band sounds skilled and professional.”

THE METAL MAG - “Sweden as usual, has brought us some extraordinary musicians to create a masterpiece that will stay for long.”

STORMBRINGER - “The self-titled album never goes limp and booms through from front to back.”

ROPPONGI ROCKS - “Battering Ram has arrived and this band is here to stay.”

ONS NIEUWS MUSIC - “The album is hard-rock how it’s meant to be”.